Daily 365. Week 10.

Day 64. Before and after.
To know where you are going don't forget where you come from. / Para saber a donde vas no olvides de donde vienes.

Day 65. The presence.
There is always someone out there. / Siempre hay alguiƩn ahi fuera.

Day 66. The reader.
Bring reading to the next level. / Llevar la lectura al siguiente nivel.

Day 67. Woman of habit.
Bear the burden of everyday. / Cargar con el peso del dia a dia.

Day 68. The viewpoint.
The best places are those that you don't expect to find. / Los mejores lugares son aquellos que no esperas encontrar.

Day 69. El festivo.
Tranquility is walking in silence. / La tranquilidad es caminar en silencio.

Day 70. Erase.
Those who could remember were forgotten. / Aquellos quien pudieran recordar fueron olvidados.

Day 71. Encasillado.
Staying in a landscape of contrasts. / Permanecer en un paisaje de contrastes.

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